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Current Projects

    Projets Nationaux

  • CAOTIC: Collaborative Action on Timing Interferences - 2022-2026, ANR
    Project CAOTIC is an ambitious initiative aimed at pooling and coordinating the efforts of major French research teams working on the timing analysis of multicore real-time systems, with a focus on interference due to shared resources. The objective is to enable the efficient use of multicore in critical systems. Based on a better understanding of timing anomalies and interference, taking into account the specificities of applications (structural properties and execution model), and (…)
  • TAVA - ANR 2021 - 2024
    Toward Automated Vulnerability Analyses
  • Other Projects

  • ALDIWO - Anti-Limits in the Digital World
    CNRS MITI 2023-2024
  • Coopération Argosim - 2013-...
    The Argosim company, hosted in Verimag between 2013 and 2015, designed an industrial version of Lutin.
  • Cooperation PragmaDev - 2006-...
    PragmaDev provides a set of modeling and testing tools that helps managing complexity inherent to developing state of the art communicating systems. PragmaDev Studio integrates different tools based on international standards. The tools target architects/system engineers, developers, and testers. PragmaDev Specifier helps system engineers to unambiguously specify and verify the functionalities of the system, and define the best architecture for performance or energy efficiency. The (…)

Past Projects (<8 years)

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